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I have enjoyed the abundance of the plant world since being a small child hungrily waiting for dinner and sneaking nasturtium flowers in the backyard for a snack. My desire to study plant medicine later brought me to study Western Herbalism at the Ohlone Center where I trained with amazing teachers including Pam Fischer, and also completed a TCM Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis mentorship with William Morris. I am currently a practitioner at Farmacopia in Santa Rosa.

Prior to my training in Herbal Studies I received a BA in Studio Art from UC Berkeley and Teaching Credential from SFSU. After a period of time spent teaching in South East Asia the world of tea culture began to present itself to me and I found Camellia Sinensis in her various forms to be a guiding light. A world of tea and tisanes (herbal teas) has drawn me toward unraveling the mysteries of plants as healers within the framework of psyche and physiology. My intention is to merge my creative drive with my practical side that strives for sustainability. Sustaining body, spirit, and mind reflects how we are able to be vital within the elusive universe. Vitality allows us to recognize the miracle of each moment and meet it with everything we have got.

Working with each individual's needs, consultations can include tailoring lifestyle adjustments like nutrition and physical activities along with synergistic herbal teas and extracts. I'm grateful to be working within my community and it would be a pleasure to meet with you! I can make house calls in the greater Bay Area.

I also have my own herbal tea line, made with high quality organic herbs. Please contact me for ordering details or if you are interested in custom tea blends.
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Ready for an (internal) Spring cleaning?  Join me for a Spring Detox workshop on Thursday, March 3rd, at the Center for Sacred Studies in Guerneville.  This is a donation based evening workshop that goes from 7-8:30pm.  Details are in the flyer below or go to the facebook event page
I'll be leading a workshop on Women's Health and Stress Management this Saturday, December 5th 2015 from 4-6pm at Alembique Apothecary in Berkeley.  This is going to be a fun and revitalizing workshop, sign up in advance or pay on arrival.  Link to paypal for event: Women's Health and Stress Managment paypal
Come one and come all to the Holly King Craft Fair on Saturday December 12th in Guernville, CA.  I'll be selling my teas and sampling them, and there will be many amazing items for sale made by local artisans.  Check out the facebook event page for more info:  Holly King Craft Fair 2015
I'll be sampling and selling all of Herbal Horizon's herbal teas at the Holiday Craft Fair benefiting Santa Rosa Charter School and Preschool from 10am-2pm.  Please join me and other local crafters.  There will be kid craft activities, a bake sale, and a pancake breakfast. No admission fee; $5 breakfast.
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Flower Essence Mentorship: Subtle Medicines for Universal Healing with Dr. Joel Kreisberg

$325 for 6 Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm Starting April 19th

Working with plants starts with the substance, yet healers through the ages developed techniques for discovering more subtle dimensions of healing. One such well known practitioner of the subtle was Edward Bach, whose 38 flower essences have become the basic set of plant healers for integrating emotional challenges and increasing well being.

Dr. Bach’s system is evolutionary traveling on a journey from the discovery of illness through various stages leading to merging back into the cosmos. This mentorship will follow Bach’s journey through the 12 Healers, the 7 helpers and the 18 successive remedies.

This class will cover:

  •  Preparing a Flower Essence
  • Developing oneself to work with essences
  • Twelve windows of perception
  • The four stages of a Flower Essence Response
  • The eight levels of meta-flora healing
  • Clinical applications
  • Blending flower essences in an integrative practice.

This is a hands on mentorship that involves working with the essences ourselves as in a cauldron of healing. As well as using flower essences with others. We will create a safe container for entering into the subtly of nature with our body, hearts and mind.

Space is limited to 15 participants!


Joel-1-Colorwith Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH, ACC

Dr. Joel Kreisberg, has been transforming health for individuals and for society for close to 30 years. He recognizes healing potential in everyday actions and uses this energy to bring back wholeness and resilience. By listening carefully to the body, to feelings, and to nature, greater joy, passion, and fulfillment are available for everyone. His work is based on 28 years as an integrative physician, 20 years of innovative program development in healthcare and several years as an Integral Master Coach™.

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Herbal Horizons Teas

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I have a new blend for Spring Detoxing with 7 herbs including Nettles, Rosehips, and Honeysuckle. 

The Detox blend is available for purchase at the Center for Sacred Studies in Guerneville or send me a message.  
6 oz glass jar -     *$9
10 oz glass jar -   *$14
12.5 oz glass jar -*$16
*Wholesale prices and discounts available, please inquire.  Shipping is at cost.  
Email or send me a message to order or if you want more info

I choose the highest quality organic and wildcrafter herbs for Herbal Horizons tea blends.  Feel the difference and taste the vitality in each herb!  

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Radiant Beauty

Radiant Beauty

Radiant Beauty tea is Available! Send message for details. This tea features traditional herbs to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails along with aiding in gentle detoxification.
Wake Up Tea

Wake Up Tea

A naturally caffeine free coffee alternative made with all organic herbs like pao d'arco and roasted dandelion root. Get your day started right. Available: send a message for ordering information
Love Tea

Love Tea

Available, send me a message for ordering details: Get euphoric with this delicious blend featuring all organic herbs including rosebuds, damiana, and ceylon cinnamon
Cold Shield

Cold Shield

Get well and stay well with Cold Shield organic herbal tea. Featuring kudzu, honeysuckle, and catnip along with other traditional herbs like ginger and red clover. Available: send a message for ordering information

What is your favorite type of tea?

Herbal tea/tisane (3 | 28%)
Not into tea (2 | 18%)
Please contact me with questions regarding consultations and herbal tea orders. I can do custom tea blends as well with orders in large quantities. I am seeing clients at a low cost clinic in Berkeley on Mondays and the first Saturday of the month. Look forward to hearing from you!
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